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SEO has Come a Long Way in Internet Marketing. Be Sure You are Not Stuck in the Past!


Are you still stuck in the yellow pages of yesteryear? Well, we have some bad news for you then.

The new-age marketing is ruthless, relentless, and revolting. You need to reach out to the widest spectrum of audiences and in the minutest of times. Efficiency is the need of the hour, and how do you do that? Simple—SEO. 

Search Engine Optimisation has come a long way and is possibly the solution to nailing the marketing game of the internet. Don’t be stuck in the past; make the most of SEO for online marketing. Here is why you must, and how you should. 

Why Do You Need SEO to Up Your Online Marketing Game?

As a brand or business, you will have to ensure a cost-effective way to reach out to your customers. After all, what is the point of digital marketing if there is no audience, right? That is the basis of SEO. 

Here is why you need it:

  • Cost-Effectiveness.
  • Certainly improves reach.
  • Greater Optimisation. 

Obviously, there are other reasons too, which you can find here. That is not our immediate concern, though— let’s get into the core right away. 

The Evolution of SEO— and How You Can Make the Most of it

Coming to the heart of the matter, SEO has evolved and changed a lot. Humans, as we are, adapting is something we are adept at—more light on this below. 

  1. The Evolution of Organic Searching—Your Personal Creative Agency

The concepts of the past told us how SEO could be primarily used to increase your website traffic. As the numbers suggested, Google was (and is) king when it comes to the search market. 

With the advancement of tech, this has changed. You need to also understand that the boundaries of SEO have changed too. For instance, the text-to-text transfer tool that Google uses has become pretty sharp. You now have to cater to newer ways to make your SEO game strong. 

Coming to the why— the results are pretty rewarding. If you are able to comprehend the MUM-AI models, business is bound to flourish. What is this model? Read here

What this would lead to, is better visibility. The better your SEO game is, the more easily you will be visible. The more visible you are, the more influx you have. What happens after that? Better business. 

2. SEO is a Great Metric of Feedback for B2B and B2C Companies

As a business, the marketer should always keep an eye out for user experience. How do you do that? You guessed it right—healthy SEO. 

Google has become so smart that it can detect good (or even unfavourable) feedback. If your user experiences brood on the positive side? It’s a win for you. 

To work on this, it is super important for you to keep a few things in mind. Before we get into the copy specifics, let’s address the elephant in the room— what shows is what sells. 

Making a great impression

Make your website as visually appealing as possible. Your audience will not possibly even read anything unless it pleases their eye. Focus on aesthetics before anything. 

Now— first, good copy makes for a good user experience. Create pages that provide a good copy for your visitors. This will obviously improve their experience, which will reflect as part of your SEO. 

Second, your content should be short, crisp, and easy to read. Remember that folks use voice searches more than ever, so you have to conform to those standards. Don’t complicate things!

As a B2B or B2C company, you are bound to have businesses and customers accessing your websites. This means that your content will go through a sophisticated scanner. For this, you absolutely have to make things as short, crisp, and readable as you can. With this, the feedback would make you better, which should rack up good SEO numbers. 

Improve Your Internet Marketing with Healthy SEO Habits

Alright, now that you know why you need to improve your SEO game, here is how you do it. 

  1. Make Your Keyword Search More Relevant

For this, you need to throw your assumptions out of the window. When it comes to keywords, you need to do some research as to what your audience is searching, and how. 

Know the colloquial terms, know the relevant search entities. You can also use Google’s keyword planner to make your search more relevant. It’s free too. 

2. Link Equity Boosting to Make Your Website More Marketable

Link equity is basically a quantitative measurement. This is to see how many relevant (or similar) websites have been discovered in yours. Keep in mind that link equity and contextual reference are the topmost clauses to determine how your website is rated or ranked organically. 

Where SEO involves articles, videos, podcasts, link equity constitutes the following: 

  • Identification of high-value pages. 
  • Identification of ways to make content valuable to the owner of the site. 
  • Guest posts, interviews, or any other way in which you can reach out to the arrangement or link.

3. Bob, Build Your Social Media

This is one way in which you can directly connect with your audience. Remember that the seeds you sow of healthy relationships with the audience will bear the fruits of more exposure. 

Social media is also a channel through which your audience can directly access you. Good brands indulge in good SEO marketing, and good SEO marketing involves good social media accessibility.

In this regard, Facebook and Twitter are where you should strategize good social media marketing if you are a consumer-facing business. If you happen to be into B2B advertising, focus on LinkedIn; perhaps some Twitter too. 

4. Understand Analytics

The good thing about SEO is that it is quantifiable, which means—it can be analysed. 

After entering Google Analytics, check Acquisition > All Traffic > Channels. Click on “Organic Search”, following which, change the Primary Dimension to “Landing Page.” From here, you can analyse your SEO traffic.

After assessing the kind of reception you are receiving, you need to work on improving these numbers. Try catering to appropriate audiences using better design elements. Choosing appropriate fonts can be a good place to start. Writing your pieces in the ‘F’ format is another way to keep your audiences engaged. 

Final Words—The Future is Safe in Our Hands

Does it all still sound like technical jargon? Do you want your SEO game to be noticeably improved, but without the hassle? This is where we come into play. 

For a hassle-free experience, and to be guided along the path of impeccable SEO knowledge and building strategies, contact us at [email protected] and [email protected]. After we strategize it all for you, all you need to worry about is where to go on vacation whilst business is thriving! 

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